Registration opening for The Strong Race 2014 is announced!

On Tuesday, 4 February, registration opening for The Strong Race 2014, organized by society “Par stipru Latviju” for the sixth time already, is announced. Organizers approve that activity of participants is increasing year by year; also the amount of teams representing various companies, organizations, municipalities is growing.

The Strong Race in Latvia is organized since year 2010 and it is the first and only extreme mass endurance race not only in Baltics but also in Scandinavia which includes cross-country running, elements of agility and power discipline. This is a sportive challenge for everyone because of the track which is out of any standard running route. In total overcoming 33 obstacles created naturally and artificially and spread in approximately 8 km long route, participants deal with ability to overcome themselves, dare to challenge their physical and psychological conditions. The race is about opportunity for people to avoid the daily routine of attending casual gym or jogging some flat route in a park at least once a year. Also The Strong Race carries out a significant idea of celebrating the Anniversary of Independence Restoration of Latvia and people gather to unite in this unusual race.

This year major modifications to the track will be done. Direction of the start area and the run will be changed. Most of the obstacles are about to be reconstructed and more than 10 obstacles will be brand new to avoid any boredom for previous-year-participants.

As every year first three places in each group – women, men, teams – will be awarded. Also special titles will be given to the most successful teams of universities, municipalities. All the participants finishing the route will receive special souvenir of the event. Moreover nominations for an extraordinary participation will be announced, such as, Brightest team, Most respectful (oldest) participant, Best outfit, Best hairstyle etc.

More detailed information about The Strong Race 2014 can be found on Internet – To apply for the race visit the homepage and fill up the application form. Participation fee applying from 4 February till 10 February is following: for individuals – EUR 10; for teams – EUR 65.

General sponsor of the event: Siltums Jums. Supporters: Betsafe, Silvanols, Sportland and Triatel. Informative supporters:, Diena,, and Radio SWH.

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The Strong Race is the first and only extreme running race open for large member audiences in Latvia and the Baltic States. It is organized by „Stipriem Events&Media” and community „Par Stipru Latviju!” It is a sporty challenge to anyone- the competition is held in an unusual location, where man made and natural obstacles are provided in order to put the runners’ inner and outer strength to test. Application has already started on February the 4th, 2013.