“The Strong Race” will take place on the 3rd May of this year

In roughly one and a half months’ time, “The Strong Race” will take place for the seventh time. This year, in the 3rd May, a day before the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia Day, the strongest people will gather in the cinema town of “Cinevilla” to prove their bravery, capability, and ability to beat difficulties in an unusual environment. All participants of “The Strong Race” are like a big family where everybody will give each other hand in the hardest moment, and will always help.

The participants of “The Strong Race”

In the recent years, “The Strong Race” has been among the most populated sports events in Latvia, gathering more than 6000 participants. It proves that this country has a lot of brave and driven people who are ready to take part in this race for Latvia, showing the real national unity strength. Following the organisers’ statistics data, students from almost every university and college in Latvia will participate in the race. Many municipalities also support their people who want to take part in “The Strong Race” to promote interest in active recreation and sports activities in fresh air. For example, Kocēni district municipality has invited their people to participate in “The Strong Race” to represent their area for several years by covering the participation expenses. The interest is large since more than 50 people used this opportunity in 2014. We should also note that people from Nītaure parish, Tukums, Kuldīga, Krāslava, Saldus and other districts actively take part in this event. Currently, about 20 municipality teams will compete for the title of the strongest municipality.

Many teams from Latvian companies and organisations take part in the team division of “The Strong Race”. In 2014, 519 teams out of 920 were from companies that use this as a teambuilding event to unite their staff and escape the usual daily life. Some good examples are “Latvijas Finieris” that has used this opportunity since the very beginning, SIA “Bucher Municipal”, SIA “Toode”, SIA “Transcom Worldwide Latvija”, but the most teams have come from “Lattelecom”.

In the recent years, this event has become international because not only participants from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia take part, but also people from 20 different countries round the world including England, Ireland, Mexico, the USA, Thailand, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany etc.

The anticipated changes in 2015 event

For the first time, the “The Strong Race” participants can run in mass start or the elite group, depending on their wishes and fitness. Professional athletes and those ready to compete for prized positions may find the elite group more suitable. The rest are invited to join the mass start. These changes have been made to split participants in several groups and lessen the holdups in the whole track and at some obstacles. Following the participant advice, the track configuration will be changed in 2015 – there will be less running in swamp and forest, and there will be less water obstacles, and a shorter track. The mass start track is estimated to be about 8 km long with 25 obstacles, while the elite group track will be 1 km longer and will have 33 obstacles. The start and finish location has been changed to provide participants with better conditions and service availability.

For the first year, anybody can purchase a VIP ticket for an additional charge which includes different extras. We should mention that the awarding ceremony will again take place in the 4th May in Riga, but the potential winners will be congratulated with flowers and tokens on the event location.

“The Strong Race” practices

For the second year, there is a plan to organise “The Strong Race” practices in open air to duly prepare the participants for this extreme event in the lead of a professional coach. They will take place in every week of April but further information will be released shortly both on the website and social networks, and individually to the participants.

“The Strong Race” is an event anybody will learn to beat themselves, test their strength and understand that there is no “can’t”. This event has been created as an alternative to escape the monotone life pace, even more boring gym schedule and dull long distance tracks.

Further information and application to “The Strong Race” on the competition website www.stiproskrejiens.lv.

Registration for The Strong Race has started

Today, February 4, registration for the international sports event “The Strong Race” has started, which will take place in May 3, 2015, the day before anniversary of restoration of Latvian independence. “The Strong Race” will take place already for the seventh time, when the cinema town “Cinevilla” will gather the strongest people, to show the power of popular unity, inexhaustible boundaries of willpower, determination and perseverance, by acting together and helping each other. Several changes are planned in this year’s event, to give a greater attention to the safety of participants and avoid problem associated with lines at individual obstacles.

“The Strong Race” is the first and only mass endurance race in the Baltic States, which takes place in Latvia since 2010. This race is a new challenge and unusual outdoor activities for people who are engaged in physical activities on a daily basis. Teams of friends, companies, municipalities and universities van participate in the event, to prove the unity of the collective. “The Strong Race” is characterised by strength, endurance, perseverance and a great satisfaction for the work done. A record number of participants – 6637 people participated in the last year’s “Strong Race”.

As usual, in 2015 “The Strong Race” will take place in cinema town “Cinevilla”, Tukums district, Slampe parish, but this time on May 3. The date changed, so that the next day of the race, namely, May 4, which this year falls on Monday, is free and everyone could relax after the race properly.

The participants of previous races has noted long lines at the obstacles as one of the biggest problems, therefore this year changes in race group division are planned. For the first time in the history of “The Strong Race”, women, men and teams will be divided in to elite group and mass start. Participants, including professional athletes and people who want to fight for the award-winning places and for whom the track time is important, invited to choose the elite group. A separate start time for this group is planned, individual track at both the start and most difficult obstacles, longer track and more challenges. Winners of the elite groups of all three categories will compete for cash prizes.

Participants of “The Strong Race” who choose to race at their own pace participates in mass start, the most important is to finish the track and prove themselves that “I can do it”, no the result or earned awards – the ones who do it just for the fun. Participants who choose to start in a mass start, the route will be built slightly shorter and the most difficult obstacles will be removed.

Women, which will participate in elite group, will start the race at 11:00, mass start will follow in 30 min. Men’s elite group start 12.30 and mass start will follow 13.00, but team starts will take place at 14.00 and 15.00. This year’s “The Strong Race” track is planned more than 9 km and its configuration will be modified, thus creating the track more compact, leaving out individual sections in the forest. Terrain is planned more pronounces and new obstacles will be built in addition to the existing ones, all-together 33 obstacles.

It should be noted, that for the first time, the participants would have the opportunity to purchase a VIP ticket for a separate charge, which will include a variety of additional extras: VIP parking, snacks and drinks in a room reserved for these people, participant’s number with the name, surname, etc. As well as, for the first time, in 2015, the winners will be awarded in May 4, during the specially created event. Flower ceremony will take place in May 3, where the provisional winners will be symbolically awarded.

Taking into consideration the experience from the previous years, organizers of “The Strong Race” invite the participants to choose the groups according their abilities. We suggest start practicing for the event and engage in physical activities for some time prior to the event, as well as choose appropriate clothing for the event.  During “The Strong Race”, nobody should be afraid to ask for help, trust and rely on other runners, nobody will refuse a helpful hand.

For one week, from February 4 to 10, one can register for the event at the lowest price. Individual participants 12 EUR (mass start), and elite group 20 EUR. Teams that will start in the mass start 68 EUR, but the elite group – 90 EUR.

Refer to the official homepage www.thestrongrace.com for more information and registration, by filling out the electronic application form from February 4 to May 3.

Registration opening for The Strong Race 2014 is announced!

On Tuesday, 4 February, registration opening for The Strong Race 2014, organized by society “Par stipru Latviju” for the sixth time already, is announced. Organizers approve that activity of participants is increasing year by year; also the amount of teams representing various companies, organizations, municipalities is growing.

The Strong Race in Latvia is organized since year 2010 and it is the first and only extreme mass endurance race not only in Baltics but also in Scandinavia which includes cross-country running, elements of agility and power discipline. This is a sportive challenge for everyone because of the track which is out of any standard running route. In total overcoming 33 obstacles created naturally and artificially and spread in approximately 8 km long route, participants deal with ability to overcome themselves, dare to challenge their physical and psychological conditions. The race is about opportunity for people to avoid the daily routine of attending casual gym or jogging some flat route in a park at least once a year. Also The Strong Race carries out a significant idea of celebrating the Anniversary of Independence Restoration of Latvia and people gather to unite in this unusual race.

This year major modifications to the track will be done. Direction of the start area and the run will be changed. Most of the obstacles are about to be reconstructed and more than 10 obstacles will be brand new to avoid any boredom for previous-year-participants.

As every year first three places in each group – women, men, teams – will be awarded. Also special titles will be given to the most successful teams of universities, municipalities. All the participants finishing the route will receive special souvenir of the event. Moreover nominations for an extraordinary participation will be announced, such as, Brightest team, Most respectful (oldest) participant, Best outfit, Best hairstyle etc.

More detailed information about The Strong Race 2014 can be found on Internet – www.TheStrongRace.com. To apply for the race visit the homepage and fill up the application form. Participation fee applying from 4 February till 10 February is following: for individuals – EUR 10; for teams – EUR 65.

General sponsor of the event: Siltums Jums. Supporters: Betsafe, Silvanols, Sportland and Triatel. Informative supporters: Tvnet.lv, Diena, sportacentrs.com, travelnews.lv and Radio SWH.

Visit www.TheStrongRace.com .



The Strong Race is the first and only extreme running race open for large member audiences in Latvia and the Baltic States. It is organized by „Stipriem Events&Media” and community „Par Stipru Latviju!” It is a sporty challenge to anyone- the competition is held in an unusual location, where man made and natural obstacles are provided in order to put the runners’ inner and outer strength to test. Application has already started on February the 4th, 2013.